Flypost, Et Cetera, Yada Yada


photo taken by Risang Yuwono
I've told you before that now is the beginning of busy time in my workplace. It is, and I wanna show you one of that I'm doing: flypost! You might be see these papers sticked in the street at Jogja in next few days. Hope it will attract more people to participate in our program.

And I thought it was just yesterday I post about friends visit, but today I've got another surprise visit from c2o library/ayorek fellas, and surprisingly my professor at the college: Dede Oetomo. Really really happy! I miss them so much before. Even tomorrow they could visit Tobong and see Ketoprak as well as seeing what I'm working now. Double happiness! I love when my lovely friends and families around me. Nothing compare. 
For sure. 

*smile ear to ear*

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