D-1: Behind The Scene of Project Tobong


Wah, time flies at the speed of light! Somehow I don't believe that tomorrow is the day of Offsite Project Launch at Tobong. It means I only have 8 days to the final work. Huhuhu. I'll definitely miss these routines: photoshoot, on the road all day long, editing, visit & have a laugh with people in Tobong. I used to it now. =')

Anyway, I want to show you "the behind the scenes" of Tobong Project. I made most of it, except those whose had me inside, hehe. So I show you the selection of my favorite include several shot from my Instagram. Be prepare, it's a lot! =D
My bosses back: Helen Marshall & Risang Yuwono.
Assistant photographer means: a lot of things to carry.
Our Duke with his high top boots and his lovely Blackberry. =P
The flashes left by their master.
Our kind-hearted flash master & the multi-function reflector. 
Captured! It's quite hard for portraying plane & mas Klowor at a good proportion. Pfiuh..
Can you see him? He is Pak Gembus, standing in the fence of Monjali. Crazy.
mas Banjir, me & mas Klowor. They dressed up as thieves. Cool & scary!
And, tomorrow, everyone's invited for coming to our Project Launch. You included, of course. Just come to Dusun Bayen, Purwomartani, Kalasan Yogyakarta. For more info about the place, click www.ketopraktobong.com. Join us! =)

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  1. Brilliant! Well done Vinka and hello from London UK x

  2. Thanks! Warm regards from Jogjakarta.
    Hopefully London stay safe and sound. =)