April, Winter is Coming!


Thanks to Hayu, time really flies faster than the speed of light. I never really think that Game of Thrones (GoT) season 5 just ready to air next month!Aaaaaaaarggggghhhhhhh! Really can't wait!

Dornish people, how Lord Varys & Tyrion's adventure, then Arya, don't forget how Jon Snow and Stannis entwined together, and Dany! It will be a tough time for Daeny, how Meereen statue will collapse just like how it shown at the trailer.

Anyway, I watched this >> Game of Thrones Season 5: A Day in the Life (HBO): http://youtu.be/p9Mi17nLflY, yesterday. And I truly honor *clap my hand* to the team behind GoT. I love how the producer choose for not being stressful by the "bigness" of GoT, but doing the best as he planned. I'd like to quote:

"Don't be exaggerated by the bigness of the production, just do and prepare as everything has planned. It's just like parachuting. 
Don't be afraid about the height, how high you'll fly. 
Just make sure that the parachute works."


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