Convo #3 : An Equal Partner


Gambar dari sini
B: I finally found out why John still doing things like that.
C: Why?
B: Because his wife couldn't match to John.
C: Which part?
B: Intelligence, perhaps? Like she's not the one he would talk to on several subject. She's just not understood. 
C: If it is the problem, then it's definitely husband's duty to teach the wife, to expand her horizon, bring up to the level she's needed and not grumbling into his friend. 

If there is one thing I should declare to be grateful after marriage, everyday and every time, it's how I really thankful to have a partner that I can talk to, in every aspect of life, in every subject that I could think of. From religion to sex, from philosophy to complete rubbish. 

Thank you, Ciku. =*

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