Convo #4: Let's Live Our Dream


Dawn, window opened and the fog just melt.

C: I’ve been thinking a lot, and on, and more, and for a long time.
B: About?
C: About us, about you. Do you know when you’re really attractive & cool to me?
B: When?
C: When you’re doing things that you love, passionately.
B: *smirk
C: So, this accident saddened me a lot not because of your physical wound. I mean, yes it hurts you so it hurt me too but it’s not as hurt as I saw you stare blankly from time to time. I hate that when you answered nothing to my “what’s on your mind now” question. Obviously you’ve been full of thought and not sharing ‘em just made me sad and scared at the same time.
B: Well…
C: So, my point is, perhaps, this series of low time are the exact time where we should think over our purpose. Not only the career or academic stuff like last time, but our life in general. Perhaps you should really ask again, what’s your truest dream. What’s the thing that burning all the time, you’d love them no matter what, through thick & thin? Making the school, the boxing, and the chess? I’ve been so in love selling things since I was elementary school and the knitting stuff made the love doubled. I want you to do something as passionately as I am. I believe you won’t make me and our daughter starved, until any time. That’s why, even I’m not suggesting you to quit your job or back to square one, I want you to know as if you think you have to do them, let’s do that. I’m okay & ready with it. Let’s live our dream, together as ever.

Notes: Thinking to say the last 3 sentences just so scary AF. 
But after it’s been said, I feel free. Love is truly liberating, though. 

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