The Subject of My Curiosity


“Semoga dengan (ke)jujur(an) ini, tidak mengurangi rasa cintamu kepadaku.”
“Jelas tidak lah. Malah dari kejujuran ini ada hikmah yang bisa dibagi.”

Sometimes I wonder how you could make me curious every day. 
I often ask to myself, what was hidden in the folds of your brain. 
I am trying to count, 
how many books you read to make the smooth logical thinking works in any situation. 
How many boxing fights and chess rounds that you analyze? 
How those eyes staring clearly in the hazy political career? 
How could you flop and turning back in the same road twice or even third times? 
How could you peel me by layers through the time, 
while I’ve already thought I was transparent since the beginning?

It’s because there’s so much I don’t know, that I’m here……….
"The subject of my curiosity forever." I like that. 
I will be curious about you and love you forever. 
I will be curious about you and live with you forever.
But just don’t drive me crazy.”
(Lee Hwa Shin, Jealousy Incarnate)

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