Decluttering You


Sometimes I feel my life is seasonal, and as every "real" season, it has particular theme. My nowadays season theme is decluttering. If you followed me in my personal Instagram account you'll see my post about learning zero waste, and I happily practicing what could I do. One of the goal is declutter my home, sift the real need and skip the others. 

As daily physical life, I think we also need to declutter our social life. The toxic people, the negative blabbers, the pessimistic buddies. I don't think all of them needed in my life. "Misery looks for company" is real. Sometimes some people just really annoyed if a person choose to be happy and they want to drag him/er down to be stay at unhappiness. 

At past, I'll be angry or my vision blurred to their intention. But now I'll choose to skip skip and never let them to hassle in my own life. It's simple and not wasting energy. Let use the energy to essential things and keep moving on. 

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