A Very Tight Schedule! I'm Not Running. I Sprint! Wuzzzzz!


Ouh, sorry for my lateness in posting. I've been feeling so curious to tell u many stories, fellas. But, sadly, I do have to run in my thesis. Oh no, not run but SPRINT! My lecture just told me that my methodologies is not "Fit" enough for my subject. O Dieu, please. And she told me only in 10 days ago. -_-"

So, in my daily life it's just Book-Theory-Book-Theory-Eat-Book-Sleep-Book-Arguing Theories-Book. Yes, it's so bored me.

Today, I've been Campus, Faculty Library, Central Library 8hours. Fantastic, but tiring. So I give myself a reward with 2hours free time. There is an awful traffic jam out there, so I choose to sit in this internet cafe *not in my room, which is remind me with my thesis* surf here and there. Blog-walking. OooooYeeeaaaah! Lovely! ^^v

So I'll share you my secrets Fellas, yes, my favorite site -a totally treasure in this world-. Most of these are my inspiration in fashion, life, and many things.

1. thesartorialist.blogspot.com
     2 words: ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! *Me: Scott Schumann's assistant wannabe!* =)

2. seaofshoes.typepad.com & atlantishome.typepad.com
    These Mother-Daughter duo are amazing! Judy and Jane Alridge. They always have a wonderful taste     Beib. These are my favorite photos from them. Love Jane's skirt much!

3. dianarikasari.blogspot.com
    Come on, who doesn't know her in this country-fashion-world? Yes. She's one of my fave too!

4. houseofqueenp.blogspot.com
   One of besties blog. Love u muchos Poet! *I'm serious, I read ur blog regularly. U have passed the first criteria of blogger. Consistency! =*

5. benablog.com
 Huahua. This guy is soooooo funny! I've met him in HelloFest 6 which held 2 weeks ago. *I promise I'll tell u in my Jakarta's trip story. Yes, I will.*

My next favorite : Photodiarist.typepad.com

I dunno, but I love it. *maybe because my first impression in the first post. The guy is soooo...... SUGARFACE! =D LOL*

Okay, that's my favorite and my first-revealing-secret-recipe to face this world! 
Keep reading and u'll find more. =)

*my having fun time will end in next 15minutes. sigh.*

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