#3 Bandung: Hujan, Hiu, Host & H.. =)


I arrived in Bandung at 12.35pm, November 24th 2010, via a shuttle travel called Roadtrip --which had a very handsome receptionist! He had owl-y look! And a mega-cool-bass voice. *melt to the max!--

Mas Travel!
Ananta a.k.a Ckung picked me up at Dago street, brought me to his place to put up my luggage. As long as I stayed at Bandung, Kung responsible to my life. Ehehehe. Hyperbolic but it's true. Took a rest a while, and becoming not just a while because of the rain. Hard pouring rain. Blame it to the rain if I couldn't take a walk in Bandung. Blame it to the rain if I didn't have any mood to take a picture. Blame it to the rain if I just wanted to roll and roll and roll at the bed. At this time, blame it to the rain. 


At 3pm, we went to Salman, and Kung was heading to his lab, doing some assistance. I met with local movie community, F2PB, met with Destri, the girl that already texting with me and my lovely hostess. =)
I really love the atmosphere at F2PB's base camp. Warm & friendly. 
I showed them my Surabaya AnimNATION. Alhamdulillah, they responded it positively.

At the nite, I had a dinner with Kung, Asop & his brother which we just met unintentionally. Aksel timeeee! =D
I ate Hiu or Shark! Hehehe. First impression, hm, it doesn't feel scary. Haha. The taste is mix between Kakap & Pari (I don't know the english for these two fish, sorry). Overall, worth to try.

Then, I slept-over at Destri's place. Doing girl-to-girl story telling. Indie movie activist share stories *caelah*. Thanks a lot Destriiiiiiiii! =*

November 25th, 2010. Woke up early, but still, roll and roll and roll at Destri's bed. Kung picked me up at 11am, went to train-station to buy ticket and back to his place to change my clothes. And...... the rain comes again. *sigh* And it stopped at the same times: 3pm. Luckily, because I need to meet Dheny, Kung's friend which become mine too. *blibet* So we went to Kung's campus. He showed me his lovely-red-whale, simple vehicle which had become the participant at Shell Eco Marathon competition.

Kung's red-whale
Had the linner *lunch-dinner* with Dheny and Kung at 4.30pm. Then beat our time to do some arcade game at Istana Plaza. We could finished Rambo below 50 thousand rupiahs! Woooohooooo! *applause* And still have time to preparing luggage, buying Sabana fried chicken and arrived at station precisely. Yay!

Bandung is written on the lamp. Hihi.
Hmm. Short trip but fun at Bandung. Meet new fellas and old-timee fellas too. I think I've already missed Bandung now.
The city, ambiance or the person?

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  1. eah.. so which is your answer? you miss Bandung because of The city, anbiance or the person?? :p

  2. nggak.. nggak penasaran kok...
    klo g mau jawab ya udaaah..