#CurhatEdition: Thanks for The Blast, Hope We Will Last. =*


Till now, I'm still smiling watch the texts in front of me. 
The expressions of people's surprise and felicitation for me and my boyfriend. 
Yesterday, I choose to publish our relationship, and he agreed. 
And suddenly those expressions came out and our Facebook account flooded by posts, comments. At the night, Twitter accounts. =D

At mine:
Satrya Wibawa is my boss, and Rendy's colleague at campus. So he really felt cheated by us, because he didn't know a thing about us. Haha. Gotcha! =P

At his:

We've already been together for two weeks actually. But after a long debate yesterday, --at this point, I'm feeling grateful that we had it-- I feel that I officially in love with him. I'm sure and I want to share this happiness among everyone. Voila, it happens.

When I'm fall in love, I want everybody knows. I want world knows, how happy and how proud I am, as his beloved one and him to be my beloved. Regarding to our conditions, everything seems easy on me, thanks to you Dieu. I've already know his family quite well, his mom accepts me very well, my family gives a very good response about him, my closest friends and now the bigger environment approved it. 
I think I do really smile ear to ear now. 

I warned you not clicking these if you sick to any romantic words. Gombal alerts! =D
Quoting one of my favorite laureate, Joko Pinurbo:

Merapat sedikit, ia goreskan sebaris ciuman di bibirnya. 
"Malam ini kau resmi jadi penyairku," ucapnya.

And reciting my boyfriend's:
Politik dan asmara sama-sama mencintai rasa gombal.
Tapi aku menepi padamu untuk mengelak.
Agar kesadaran tentang cintaku tak pernah menguap.

Ah,  this post became too long.
In short, I love you.

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