Park Hunter


Saturday afternoon, sit in a riverside, share the earphone with beloved one to listen romantic songs, babble and chew the rag. 
Hmmm. C'est parfait. =)
And lucky me, I've just had it all. Plus a bunch of photos taken. Hehe.

I'm talking about a new park in town, you could smell the fresh paint on the fences, located in Genteng Kali street (Surabaya, fyi). 

It has a pretty long sidewalk, a very clean ambiance (I hope it will last). It suits to a family with children, because it has several slides and swings. I like the design, simple and neat. I'm sorry about the name of the park, it doesn't written there, so I don't know yet. 

Lucky me twice, there was rowing athletes practice on the river. 
I felt so "Social Network" at that time, being a Harvard and Winklevosses besties. 
#ohplease #uselesswish

Both of them blur. The athletes move so fast.
 Sorry for this additional photo. Suddenly I've become a-very-teenage-lover and made this edited photo. Ehehehe. It's frivolous yet droll, anyway. =D
*thanks for the beautiful afternoon, Cheri.

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