Last Weekend: Salted Egg(s), Prize & Demian


Last weekend was great for me. My boyfie came back from Lombok. He brought several souvenirs for me, songket and beautiful bracelet. Ah, several ideas just popped out. I thought the songket will be fabulous in cape or simple jacket. Hmmm... ;-) Thanks a lot Cikuuu!
Friday night, me and my boyfie tried the newest mall in town (yes, it's a mall again): Ciputra World. It has cinema with half price. =D From the outside, it looks superb. But after trying so hard for finding The XXI, we surprised. I thought the mall shouldn't open at that time. It still has a lot of workers built the restaurant, tenants. It has a lot of dust. I should covering my mouth, prevented asthma. =s

Dusty road to cinema
When the cinema found, it looks like a magic tunnel. From a ruined place into shangrila.. Pardon my exaggeration. =P  The cinema was fine. Of course, you could smell the fresh painted wall, the glue of the carpet. But it is tolerable regarding the price. Hehehe. 

After watched the movie, we went downstairs and found the opening ceremonial just started. We stopped by. Luckily, it has a magician as the entertainment. Rendy loved magic trick, so we decide to stop longer. And the magician was Demian! Sempoaaa! =D
Demian's first game/trick was Russian Roulette. I told my boyfie that I want to participate. He prohibited me. He asked why, and I just said: why not? Hehehe. Just my luck, I was decided. *big grin*
At the beginning
I should choose one sack with the knife in it!
At the stage, I just couldn't help for not laughing. I'm sure, the trick will work and I won't endangered any one. But still, I felt nervous too and try to hush it away with laughing. I succeeded, fyi. And I got a complimentary package from Ciputra World! Yeay! I got small Lock&Lock, a bottle of jasmine tea Futami17, a magazine InStyle Indonesia, and a bunch of vouchers of Ciputra World's tenant. This is what I really love from quiz/game: the prize. =D

Saturday night, we spent in another mall, Grand City. No particular reason, just try to find a place with a space to bear. In Tunjungan Plaza, there is actually Magnum Cafe, but TP in Saturday is unbearable. Lucky us, in GrandCi there was LA Light Streetball and the exhibition of agriculture & agribusiness in its convex. I bought local delicious salted egg (boiled and roasted). It does really delicious. I start salivating now because typing it. =9

And we end up watching people in ice-skating area. Just sat, talked about nothing to something. Yada, yada. Mm, I wish this weekend will come sooner. =*
watching & observing
Rendy tambah genduuuut! Yeay! Berhasil! =D
*if you notice, I change my hijab style. Hehe. Inspired by Dian Pelangi. I feel comfort & love it!

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