Yesterday, when we had a long talk discussion, you ask me why do I have a sparkle in the corner of my eyes. I feel like I'll cry. It doesn't mean I'm sad. It's just the mixed feeling. I felt affected with your words, with our condition, with our progress. I feel it's just yesterday, when I finally realize your presence in the same class in campus at 5th semester and ask to myself: 
wait a minute, do I have a classmate named Rendy? =D 
Sorry for my bloody ignorant. I always have my own world, where I put up everything steadily and make my world perfect. I thought it was perfect. But now I know what perfect is after you completed me.

Putting you in my world, with it's plan, with it's consequence, brings much feeling in me. Happy, eagerness, curious, a little bit afraid, coy, and several indescribably feelings. Put aside my feeling anyway, because I trust you

Thanks for called me as "a dateline to be struggled".
Thanks for awaken me from my long sleep as an ignorant.
Thanks for being there. 

Reciting your own words Cheri, which fits me this morning:
"Aku ingin mendongak pada pagi, 
menyeru jika aku takluk pada seseorang di sana.
Lantaran aku cinta."

Cheri, I love you.

Ta Cherie

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