My Sister's Wedding: Day 1 #night


*thanks to Mbak Nana for reminding me write this post, and still continuing it. =D

June 4th, mid-day.

Yay! One of the biggest thing today had already done. Then I thought we could celebrate it in an easy way: sitting a while, eat a lot. But my presume was all wrong. Just in a minute my mom's friend came in packs and I should do the sweet talks, serve the meals, bla-bla, yada-yada. My mom is a principal in elementary school, then her friends off course came from all elementary school in district(s). They prefer to go to my house in Saturday noon, straight from the school, after their works. That's why mom's friend was like a river in rainy season at that time: nonstop.

I gave myself a break in 4.30pm. Took a bath, and lying down for an hour. It's quite enough to recharge my energy because the night will be loooong! First, walimatul 'urusy. I don't know exactly which culture raised this event. In moslem, parents have a duty to told everyone (in a neighborhood) which their daughter had already married and introduce the groom. So if the groom will be around the bride's house, it won't be any slander among them. Walimatul 'urusy will be full of pray, speech for the bride & groom. 
My happy sister & brother in law
In walimatul 'urusy, as a grateful expression of parents, the guess will get a "sayatan". It is javanese. In indonesian, it means slice. Sayatan consists of complete food (rice, chicken/beef, vegetables) and sometimes some cake/dessert. Sayatan had already developed nowadays. Thirty years ago, in villages of Java, sayatan wrapped in banana leaves. But now it does really developed, you could see below:
Look at them, they're cute! ^__^
Walimatul 'urusy went well. Alhamdulillah. Then, the next agenda was preparing for tomorrow. Wedding stage & the decoration of catering were prepared at the night. And.... it's just over at 4am. I just watch over the preparation. I do really really could not imagine how tomorrow will be going.... Oahm.

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