Alhamdulillah, yesterday, my biggest day with Gathotkaca Studio for this end of year: Surabaya AnimNATION, finally passed. This is my 2nd year collaborated with FSS (Festival Seni Surabaya/Surabaya Art Festival). We don't know yet about next year. I personally hope to have an independent festival. *finger crossed*

Because I'm too tired today, I slept until 12pm. Almost 10 hours. Haha. But incredibly, all of my plan went well, except for massage time. I rethought and would like to change it into another pampering myself thing. I felt my amino-acids did their job very well, I am not tired at all after that long sleeps.

Anyway, Rendy just love to play with his phone application. Then, he twitted these two photos. 
Our last monthly shopping
Pardon my over-magnified thumb! =D
Ma journée, c'est parfait! Comment est la votre? ;)

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