Make It Stick!


Have you ever tried "wall sticker"? You know, the sticker to be put on the wall to decorate your room/home more (like the picture below). Nowadays, it's kind of happening here. At least in online shops which spread in Facebook and successfully made me drooling and want to try it in my home. I've already contacted the seller to ask the availability. Lucky me, several of my choices didn't available. Why do I said so? Because the next day I went to SunMor market (an abbreviation of Sunday Morning) in Gajah Mada University's valley, and I found several wall sticker sellers there! With same products, same designs as the online shop sells. 
taken from Qiew Shop catalog

I bought some of it and try to apply as soon as I can. Surprisingly, it demands a lot of patient and thoroughness because the material very thin, as weary as a layer of pastry. It could easily tore and my fingers sometimes too emotional. Hehe. 

Because of my less calculated brain for the spatial, my wall still look empty after I stuck the sticker. Whatever. I still have my [so-called] living room to decorate. Yay! 
Pardon the difference of paint and sticker's background. =P

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