Wrap The Holiday!


How about your holiday, fellas? Mine was great. It is my first Eid el Fithri with my hubby, doing the real "mudik" from Jogja to Surabaya and Mojosari by train, thinking about the budget for this holiday, etc.
Tugu Station, Jogjakarta. Waiting Sancaka. 
Rendy helping Abhi with Animallion. Animal Batallion. =D
Going home always growing spirit, reminding me about dreams that I should pursue, then synchronized it with new dreams that I had with my own family now. =)

Anyway, today I cooked Nasi Uduk. It's the second actually, but I still amazed with the magic of the process. I can't believe these tiny spices could turn my ordinary rice into delicious rice. Yummy! 
The spices
I use 1 piece of galangal, 1 stalk lemongrass, 3 bay leaves, a pinch of coriander, salt, and coconut milk. I use as much as 350 grams of rice menthik, 435 ml of water and 65 ml coconut milk (1 sachet of instant coconut milk). Grind coriander and salt, mixed with coconut milk. Wash the rice, and mix all the spices and water, put in the rice cooker. When it is half cooked, open the lid, stir the rice then closed again. Let it cooked and you've got your delicious Nasi Uduk! 

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