First Bucks Always The Sweetest


Last week I posted a picture in my instagram account: three boxes in a frame showing pictures of traditional javanese yellow rice, a decorated ricebox and a logo named Kukila. Alhamdulillah, that was my first time in having bucks from my cooking creation. Yeaaayyy! =D

The first step is always the biggest, and anything you earned is priceless & sweet. I've been already feel the fruits of my hard work in communication skills, translation, public speaking, selling, arts, organizing events and so on. But cooks? I never thought of it. And it doubled the panic attacks, the curiosity and the happiness.

It starts when mas Igak, my former boss & a good friend as forever asked me to make a complete javanese yellow rice packaged in a box for his daughter's birthday. He asked me to decorate it with "Princess" theme. Okay, I suddenly have a head Full of doubt and a heartbeat which keep increased. I believe that I could make it as my pleasure, but take it as an order which need to be responsible is quite new to me.

I need reassuring myself over and over by asking my mom & hubby's opinion about my own capabilities. After did several profit calculations and simple maths of my guts, I choose to receive the order.

About the food & recipes, checked. The deco & shapes, a gigantic question mark raised. I have an idea to make it as a bento concept, but it doesn't suit "Princess" theme. Then I tried to search the moulding for the rice. It's a completely unbeatable hunting. Finally I made it into 3 shapes: teddy bear, heart & butterfly. I tried to add "Princess" feeling by stick a Cinderella picture to the perkedel skewers. Hehe.

For the outside decoration, I put colourful tape and top it off with the logo of Kukila. I made the logo image with Snapee, 20 minutes in my cellphone. Not bad, isn't it? ;)
I already have Kukila blueprint since last year. I am not sure when will I start the whole plan. But when I did this project, I thought it was a clear sign (and a loud pray) to start Kukila bit by bit. And the most important is starting it now.

Since then I was a (trying hard to be) busy bee, prepare every step by myself. The time has come and I hope I could complete all the lines in the blueprint. Wish me luck, fellas! =*

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