A Quarter of A Century


First of August means happiness to me. Because it means the d-day of some preparations, a plan's finale & the racing heartbeat: It's my husband birthday. Yayyy!

Being a wife makes me quite difficult to prepare. When you are only in relationship a.k.a going steady, you could prepare easily. You could make a call, meet some friends before hand and do that without too much  curiosity from your partner. But when you share a bed and live at the same roof for almost 14-16 hours a day, make a surprise is different and difficult.  Thanks God there are online shops who could help me in buying a gift. I bought a gift from GOMAN. If I were a man, I'm sure I'll buy a lot from this store. I was drooling every time I open it. I even targeting their Midnight Black Bertoli Baseball Jacket, because they are super-cool! Considering my size and hubby is alike, then we could wear it together. Hihihi. 

After a long strolling up and down the web, I choose Wheat Reyhan Ikat Combination Shirt. Rendy & I had look and love it before, but for some reason unknown we cancelled the order. So, just a matter of time, every thing that destined to be together will come up together, as Rendy & the shirt. =P

Anyway, I try to deceive Rendy that I won't buy any gift for him and just will make a cake, because I didn't have a time to buy the gift. He seemed buy the reason well and said that's okay for having no gift, even no cake, because I still have a deadline to be fulfilled. But I still insist to make them, because in the other side, I have to use the egg-whites that stacked on my fridge. That's called "irit-alert" by my sister, an instinct that grows when you started being a wife and/or being a wife to use any leftovers/any recycle-able things around you. Haha. 

I use the recipe from Blueband website: Blueberry Rich Cake. I choose this recipe because it takes a lot of egg-whites and Rendy's mom gave me Blueberry jam at the last visit. The recipe went well but I need to correct the flavor by adding up 25 grams full cream milk powder and several drops of vanilla essence, because the egg-whites aroma still too strong. I will be okay with it, but my hubby no.  Don't forget to spread butter on your baking sheet before you lined it up with parchment paper, because the texture will go crusty outside and moist inside. And use medium baking sheet, because one recipe doesn't turn too many if you want a thick cake. 

The delivery guy sent the shirt when it went dawn, Rendy surprised and loved the gift. My mission accomplished and I'm really happy for that! Happy belated 25th day, Gorgeous! =*

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