Lebaran, etc


Eid Mubarak!
It's already a week ago but I think Syawal month haven't end yet, so it sounds legitimate to continue the greetings. Well, I guess so. =P

How's your holiday fellas? Mine went short but smooth. This is my first Ramadhan in new place, so it isn't difficult to do "mudik" or going to our parents' home. It only takes one hour to each Surabaya and Mojokerto. The holiday is easy, but the preparation was not. Kukila, my cooking line, should meet 32 jars of cookies and for the last day of Ramadhan, I should make 10 pieces Chocolate Steamed Brownies. Alhamdulillah, I made it! I feel so relieved after it's over. I'm very grateful to all of the customers who believe me to do it. Because of them, I could buy myself a "two burner gas cooker" a.k.a "kompor gas bermata dua". Bye bye one burner, no more waiting in cooking. Yeayy!

I actually had bunches of idea to write on this blog about recipes I tried, knitting stuffs, crafting, business start-up, kitchenette [now this took my biggest concern, I'm designing simple kitchen but have to adjust with default pieces that already installed by the previous owner. It's quite difficult. =3] and home deco. And as always, the duties snaking around, longer than the time we have. So I will try my best to spare and share. Cheers!

Happy Eid from The Kasmadis!

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