My Hair, My Shares


Last Sunday been a long way in journey to me & hubby. We travelled 90kms in total, went from Sidoarjo - Gresik - Surabaya - Sidoarjo. Attended the happy moment of Tabitha's wedding in Gresik, unfortunately had to leave immediately because my shoes are broken. =(

Try to keep survived because we have next destination in Surabaya: Shave for Hope! Yeaaayyy... It has been a waiting for me to join the event since the first time I knew about the concept. For everyone who hasn't informed about Shave for Hope, I'll quote a bit explanation from their official website:
Shave for Hope is the first and biggest charity event done through hair-shaving act in Indonesia. Everyone who participated has one exact purpose, to help and support childhood cancer. It is hoped that this event will raise both people’s awareness as well as highly valued funds.

It's not a big number, a hundred thousand rupiahs/person, for a cancer treatment, but how the event could bring more than just money. It brings awareness, empathy, and a particular happy feeling of giving to another. I, personally, start having a concern to cancer since my senior in extracurricular organization, Sinematografi Airlangga, got leukimia and need apheresis donor. Apheresis donor is a special blood donation because our blood will be separated in a particular machine and only the special part of the blood taken. I have the same blood type and for several time when he needed I can't give it because my period, out of town, etc. I feel regretted and sad somehow, for not having the opportunity to help further. 

My senior who got leukimia is Iqbal Rais, the director of Tarix Jabrix, Si Jago Merah, Senggol Bacok, Radio Galau FM, and many more. Yes, he is. Probably you have already watched his movie in theatre and doesn't know his struggle stories behind it. He is one of a legend in Sinematografi UA, because he took a very brave step into a movie industries. As a junior, he ever taught me on movie things. And I still remembered, when his first movie had a promo tour, I came. The member of Changcuter band did free giveaway for several viewers, they gave a pin from metal with a logo of Tarix Jabrix in it. I was late for few seconds and all of them already taken. Perhaps I look so pitiful, therefore mas Iqbal took a pin from his cap and gave it to me. For years, I always use the pin. Now I just thought, when you want to give back to people who nice to you, it doesn't only take a goodwill, but an opportunity too. How hard you try, when the time and space do not allowed you then it won't happen. 

Do everything that you have to, you want to, and what will make you regret for not doing so, NOW. Don't let any part of universe hold you back. 

me and Iqbal Rais, Tarix Jabrix promo tour, 2008

Notes: Yesterday, September 22nd, 2013, God took all of his suffering & pain. May he rest in peace, dear respectful senior. T_T

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