Here they are several songs which resounds in my head lately. I start with the mellow-er one. =P

My friend, Rikza Arif, play this song several times in office. And voila, I infected. I'm not in the "galau" moment at this time, so it's just resound in lowest degree. =D 
Anyway, we all know that Lady Antebellum bombs the last Grammy award by won 5 from their 6 nomination. Me, honestly, just know Lady Antebellum by their name before, and never listening to them. But after listened to them, hmm, they ARE good. Very good. 

Sugarland! Fortunately, this is a country group/duo too. And the song's just PERFECT. It had every quality of "resounds" song. =P Check the melody, it is inviting you to sing it along. 
Wo'oah wo'oah, stuck like glue. 
Baby you and me stuck like glue!

Back to Asia, especially Korean. Yes, you're right, I listened K-Pop too. But NO, I'm not following the nowadays trend which Indonesian teenagers start screaming into SuJu, 2PM, 2AM, et cetera, et cetera. I've already fell in love to Shinee like mmm... 2 years ago? I've already wrote them in a post here, you could click and read it. It's purely because of their well-concepted wardrobe, management, songs, age. And I'm in love now, progress of continuously fall in love for exactly, and it makes me sing and watch Shinee's Hello, time after time. Look at their face, fallin love face, like mine! 

And the toplist of "resounds" songs are Yuna's! Yeay!
I don't know how to explain further, but I think Yuna is Malaysian miracle. Her strong lyric, her simple melody successfully stole my attention. Even for 6 months later, from the first I heard her song, "Decorate". Once again, I'm in love, so the "resounds" songs from Yuna were the lovey dovey fall in love songs. =D
The first is Rocket, the second is Super Something. Both of them say love in a very efficient and direct way. So me. Ehehe. These are my favorite lines from both songs:
"I can't believe we almost got famous for nothing baby 
You came the last minute of panic to save me"
"People come and people go And people gonna come some more 
They pick a fight But it's alright 
At least I get to see you tonight, Tonight "
"You'll see, I'm better, I'm faster, Stronger, I'm happier
when you by my side"

What resounds in my head were not only songs, but several thoughts, lines, words. Lately, there are many provoking texts, sentences in medias, including Net, which could makes me angry or feeling emotional. In my past, I might do frontal response as provoking as her/their words. But now, I have love, I have a good life, a very good one. Then, why bothered? 
I'm a Super Something, yes we are, like Yuna said. 
Listen to malicious-mouth just tiring, and useless
Quoting my dear boss, IGAK Satrya Wibawa: 
"Do good, be good and be proud fellas" 

Vinka Maharani

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