Let's Work It Out!


*it should be posted an hour ago, haha*

Pfiuuuuuuh! Finally I touch my blog again. Yeaaayyy!
These 2 weeks were very busy for me. Big business review by my main investor: Mom, then my sister's pre-wedding photo session. She asked me to be her stylist and art crew either. Then a site visit from IIE & delegation from Miami Dade College to my university took my day. Finally today I could write a little bit and preparing for my 1st garage sale tomorrow! I'm so exciting yet scared. It's my first experience selling my own things and thinking how about people's taste. My friends usually said my taste was unique, sometimes weird and many times geeky. I hope I could sell all of them. 
Amen! =D

The Poster of Garage Sale event.
 Let's grab the sale!

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