C2O Design It Yourself: Come!


 This month, my most favorite local getaway: C2O, have trifles agenda which cover one big theme: DESIGN. The theme itself was sexy in every part of it. Design sometimes could be being a rare gemstone because of its originality. But at the same time, we didn't realize how the action of design(ing) repeats in our daily life effortlessly.

The agendas divided into several types: talks, screenings, exhibitions, workshops, gathering. I bet into the highest, this is one of the most comprehensive event about design in Surabaya. Last weekend, The talk give the introduction about design. The speakers: Bing Fei (vaith design), Anas Hidayat (republik kreatif), Josef Priotomo (Honored Lecturer of ITS Architecture) and the moderator is Ramok Lakoro (DKV ITS). Yes, I know you regret to miss it. Don't worry, they will hold 7 talks in this month with the topic : Management of Design, Graphic Design & Branding, Comic, Street Art, Fashion, Digital Media, Architecture & Urban Planning. I got my turn this Saturday, 5pm. Please do come if you are interested. You should, in my opinion. Because in term of design, Surabaya got left several steps behind to another city in Indonesia, such as Bandung, Jogja, Jakarta. 
And this is our time to equate measure. =)

Another part of event which I highlighted into my agenda was the Screenings & the Market! The Screening specially show movies related into design: about the product, typeface, fashion photography, architecture, etc. I do really waiting this Sunday because in schedule they will play Helvetica, a movie about typeface/typography. Aw aw aw, can't wait! Then the Market will sell the local crafts & designs, 2ndhand trinkets, etc. 
Hmm, sounds fashion-licious and delicious at the same time. =D

For the full information, of course you can go to c2o-library.net, follow their twitter account @c2o_library for digitally reminds you and keep you updated. This following link is the direct link into a special page of Design It Yourself 2011. Go explore and participate! 
See you there, fellas!

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