Thank You. Yes, All of You.


Tonight, I looked at a girl whose lonely, lost of her direction, sick, confused. She might be at a transition phase, to face a new world unimagined before. But unfortunately, she thought, breaking up with the past is the best way to adapt. With her true nature.

Facing the scenes, I realized how I should be more grateful for families, friends, colleagues, lover for being there and love me, care about and take me as I am. How they sometimes play hard to me, because I've been away from my own path, my own character. They did it because they concern about me.

I never saw a loneliness like this. I never felt it. I felt I always have a friend to talk to, several warm group-hugs, bunches of expert in any problem, and of course, families for coming back home.

This moment, I thank all of you, for being around me. Taught me important things, save me from uncontrolled situation, for being my strength. Thanks Dieu, for my ears, my eyes, and all of my senses to keep my precious people with me. Merci beaucoup Dieu.

I know, Astria covered by Dinda's hair, but this picture told us about: Joy, Honesty & Blessed. *click for its detail*
Picture: Yanuar Satria for IOP

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  1. nice :) everybody's blessed, but sometime they didn't realize it.

  2. Thank you Indi. I've already visit your blog. One thing, I love the color of your hair. It's too sweet and fit on you! =D