Were on a disgust point to a thing called hypocrisy. 
I usual to a condition which is honest, responsible and consistent into my own feeling (toward something or someone). I remember what I've said, written and I responsible into it. Because I know, every thing that I did always affect another people. By eradicating your inscription would not guarantee nobody hurt. Some people off course read and have a judgment. Their judgment will affect your life too, sooner or later. 

I recognized I'm not perfect. That's why I apologized when I made a mistake. I tried not to repeat it. I won't deny if it's my mistaken. I admit it and not flip it just for my -for God sake- nice and flawless image. Everybody changes. And the process always bumpy. But nobody (let themselves) fall for their fifth or sixth time. None of people could live on their poker-face all of the time.  If it's so, it's stupidity. Or intended attention-seeking. Or unhealed drama-victim syndrome. Which could be a simple case of hypocrisy.

Isuk dele, sore tempe.
Biyen ngece, saiki digawe.

Shame on you. You're licking up your own spit. Disgusting.

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