It's The Beginning!


The number at the calendar has already reached 20s when I was still in loving home too much and in procrastinating mood. You know, when a housewife has a 2 full months project works, spent most of the time outside, it could made you missing your home sooooo much! I enjoyed my day just crawling under the blanket, did a Korean drama series rally and kept hubby in my hug as long as possible. Hehe.

After Rendy has had his final exam, we decided for having a holiday. Yay! It's not the big one, only visiting families. Because the families scattered at the East Java province, so it seems like a long journey. My route will be: Jogja-Surabaya-Jember-Malang-Mojosari-Surabaya-Jogja. I really can't help my enthusiasm for this trip. Hihi.
what I called as "travel itinerary". =D
Yesterday, I arrived at Surabaya with 3 hours delay arrival time. The worst. I know when I choose to have a travel with economy class I'll have the risk of delaying. But I'm sure, 3 hours was just too much. If the train management & government do not respons or take it as a serious thing, then I'm sure until next 10 years we wouldn't have a reliable mass transportation. Pffftt.

Anyway, it's still the beginning of a long journey ahead!

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