Kliling-kliling #1: Bad Struck


"From my hometown... Memories are fresh.."

When I arrived at Surabaya, the refrain of Adele's Hometown Glory just resound in my head over and over. Even though what's played there was James Arthur's cover. Hehe.

Have you experienced it? When you walked around a city and you felt like having scenes replayed at every corner. When you walked around and got smiling just every time you hear people talks in their enthusiastic local dialect. Smirking just because of the fume of pollutions, the noise of cars, people cursing of traffic : ordinary annoying things that you won't meet the resemblance ambiance in each city. A feeling that won't be replaced.

That was the exact situation which I had yesterday, at Surabaya. I am grateful for having a good time with friends, even though still had a bad struck at the last day. I have a good conversation and warm Oolong tea at c2o library, a bowl of delicious spicy noodles and delightful afternoon chit chat with best friend.

Sometimes, in a middle of the journey, you found yourself stunned and helpless in facing a situation which unbearable. You always expect good things happened, but you realize good is never enough to be better. At that time, I choose to have a silence, take several steps back, contemplating, cry a river, put useless mind, de-clutter & getting my head clear. I hope I could make it through the day, once again.

Well, it isn't my life when it's going flat. I'm sure everything has their own reason to be happened. And that's the best way from Him to me.

"I ain't lost, just wandering. "

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