Kliling-kliling #2: Thinking of Resolutions


I'm in the middle of journey to Malang from Jember now while thinking that I haven't had my year resolution. Well, it looks like a late start, but I think there is no late excuse for setting up goals. =)

This year going to be another transition year, because in the middle of it I should move back to Surabaya. I believe that the time will flies in a light speed, so I should do many things as much as possible. Okay, let's start the list!

1. Do shalat punctually. No excuses for delay. 
2. Do more sunnah fasting & shalat. 
3. Read at least 20 ayah of Surah each day. 
4. Cook 2 new menus every week. 
5. Do all the "Bucket List of Jogja"
6. Have our own place to live at Surabaya. 
7. Continue the struggle of Gathotkaca Studio by bringing Surabaya AnimNation to outside of Surabaya & support cak Ikin more to make new film. 
8. Read & finish minimum 1 book each month. 
9. Contact family members minimum once a week. 
10. Exercise French & learn Hangeul, once a week. 
11. Call long-time-never-contacted friend, once a week. 
12. Send the postcards. 
13. Start my own business in Surabaya. 
14. Write blog post once of two days. 
15. Write a serious writing, once a month. 
16. Get my writings published. 
17. Have my own prosumer camera. 
18. DIY project once a month.

That's all! I hope He gives me energy & abilities for maintaining my enthusiasm along this year. Amin!

" Life is a road and I wanna keep going. Love is a river and I wanna keep flowing. Life is a road, now and forever, wonderful journey."
-- At The Beginning, Richard Marx & Donna Lewis.

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