Kliling-kliling #3: The Ponakans


From this journey, one thing for sure as the aim was meeting with my niece & nephews. It's already several months since the last time I met them. Ied Mubarak, if I'm not mistaken. I miss them so much, and I don't want they forget me. And of course, the side aim was make their uncle much closer. =D

Daiva & Abi
As they growth, they are getting more and more adorable, as always. It makes me happy that they can show their love upon me: how Daiva & Abi hug me tight at the very first. =')

Wangi has reached her babbling phase. I'm more than happy that she directly lingered on me. I believe she still remember my voice, recognizing my story and our laughs. These are priceless. 

Wangi & her father, in Buddhist hat.
Wangi, the little vampire. =P
Somehow, by this journey, I wonder: this is the feeling of being an aunt, you have a big love for niece & nephew. But me, as the niece of my aunts, never really understood about their feeling. I feel guilty and want to try show more love to them. I really hope having the chance. Well, one day, definitely. 

*Ponakan: short of keponakan, Indonesian word for niece, nephew

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