To Work or Not To Work?


Today, my hubby starts his campus activity again. I stay at home because Jogja's weather is unknown. Big rain usually comes for a very long time and clouds hanging there without sun's appearance. I'm in the middle of crossroads now. It's confusing and I don't like it. 

As the title of this post, it is about work. Working or not. That's what linger on my mind. I'm a typical perfectionist, so I don't like any doubt in myself. I used to have my own income, became financially independent before I graduated from campus. The situation is, I only have around 3-4 months left in Jogja, so it wouldn't let me have a long contract work here. Even though the short type is minimum 6 months duration. My last job is project based for only 2 months, but this type doesn't much happened. Yes, I have a plan to do several things in Jogja, but still, it needs cost. Me & my hubby have a big mission to accomplish which took all of our attention, money included, into it. And I don't want to bother the finance of the mission with my fun-yet-optional-plan. 

What should I do then? =3

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