Knit Stories #2: Behind The Knit Gift


Finally! I finished my 2nd knitting in 3 weeks. A quite long duration for a simple scarfl, but I'm still proud of it. I made it specially for Poet, my best friend who had her birthday at April 28th. I know it's late, but it's better late than never, 'aight? =P

I, somehow, feel grateful for doing this project because it accompanied me on many journey and occasions. From the station to the train, to the hospital when I passed my time with my mother, to the boring silence and so on. I found that knitting soon to be my 2nd loyal-silence-friend. The first is books, anyway. You could check the process in photos below. 

After the scarf's done, it left some yarns so I made 2 ribbons and sew them to hairpins. I really thought they are beautiful. *self-proclaiming. Haha* The process took my patience, time but increased my technique in knitting too. I learnt purl stitch and stockinette stitch here.

And yes, here is the link for the pattern. Try 'em! =)

At Lempuyangan station, it's still so short!
Already at home (Jogja), and the skein still looks so full...

Sitting in Sancaka train, went to Mojokerto to see my mom. 
The scarf's done, look at the skein! And the hairpin's there too. Happy! =D

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