Break a Leg


Whoah, I felt that it's been ages I haven't written here (exaggeration, fellas. It's actually 9 days, though. =P). For doing so "after the journey" took a lot of my time. You know, to make a report to office, include the fund, yada yada, et cetera, et cetera. 

May were being a month of wed. After Mpok Devi Handa, 
from left: Mita, Uwi, me, mpok Devi, Nia, Manda
then my companion & neighbour from elementary school, junior till college: Ustika Rizky, and next week: MY SISTER! Aw aw aw....
And today, I still trying to finish my jarik skirt by myself. I hate for spending money on the things that I could do it by myself.  I'll sew it by hand. I hope it will be great *crossedmyfinger*

Now, let's start it! Break a leg Von...
accompanied by last Kanye West' single:

PS: Yes, this post was created to raise my own spirit. hehehe.

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