This picture is ambiguous. It doesn't clear, which one was the focus and the meaning. I know it could be about the technical problem, the camera quality, etc. But I thought the main problem is me, a man behind the gun (or the camera in this case). 

I actually want to take an awkward situation, when I had a breakfast at Food Hall, Setiabudi One. I came so early then the cleaner still wiped the window when my dish arrived. That's it. But I failed to tell it in a picture. I neglected the angle and several things including the focus of the picture. 

I feel the same when I look at my life. I lost my focus for last several times. I forgot how to live this life in my way. I should start to back on the beat, to back on the heat of adventurous life. It's different situation, I know. But now, I've enlightened. I do know where I should put my first step. I'll make a list, as usual, and do it step by step. Peu a peu. I'm sure I could do this better this time, because I have a gentle hand from a gentle man to hold me stand still in anytime.

First thing first, let's start in focusing my sister's wedding on this weekend.

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