Goodbye is (Never) Easy


Let's say, it's habitual. I used to do it regularly, daily and it becomes a part of my life. Now, let's change the word "it" with "love you". Then the sentence will be a very romantic one. How about change the word into "hate you". Then it becomes a cruel one.

Saying goodbye is easy, but how you do the implementation is another thing. Yesterday I declared on giving up and letting go into someone which haunted me for these last 3 years. The ghost. Even the ghost haunted me in a negative way, but I admit that I'm addicted too. I used to scare it, hate it, and when I start to let go, there is a place which vaguely, start feeling lonely

Quoting my workmate, mbak Fidya, I won't try to forget it hardly, but I'll try to be usual for not remembering it. 

Take care there, ghost. I believe you'll miss me too. 
Yesterday I buried you deeply.  
This morning, I sprinkle flowers on the grave with a smile.
Bon continuation, phantome.

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