Happy Maulid, Bopo. =*


Last Saturday, I went home in a rush. I really want to be there, in Mojosari. I want to give a presence in my bopo special day, his birthday. =) He is 60 years old now. 
Yes, he's old. A kind of awareness that he planted as I had to be ready, when he should left this world. I always hate when he used the term, "you are my last child, which I just have the shortest time to accompany you. You should be ready for any chance. Just believe in one thing, I love you." 

Time after time, I know better, that you love me that much. You don't want me to lose. You don't want me to be  hurt. At this point, I will try harder to show you that I'm going to be a good woman. I'm on my way for being a mature and responsible human. Maybe I will fall Bop, but don't worry, you've already show me how to stand still and face the world bravely. Maybe I will cry, it's okay, as you said, because the tears fallen nourished my power to think clearly and finished my problem as it should be. 

Thank you for being my strong guardian, my discuss partner, my tough debater, my warmest hugger, my wisdom source, my pride. 
Thank you for being the greatest father in the world. Thanks for being you.
I love you, as always, and always will be Bop.
=* =* =*
Most favorite photo with Bopo. In early morning. =*

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