Book's Day Out (23-24 April 2011) in c2o Library


It's quite late for telling stories about Book's Day Out, but after read the reportage here (with my photo & Kanti as the first photo. bwahahaha), I want to tell it based on my view. =D

The Book's Day Out (BDO) in c2o Library were actually a peak event of c2o's agenda in April. At the day, every postcard from the "Postcards from Bookworms" were exhibited. 
Postcards from Bookworms publication
But not only postcards, BDO brought us into Book Swap, t-shirt sablonage, and delicious cookies!
My favorite one, peanut butter cookies!
I came with my books to be swapped, but actually I didn't really wanna swap it, just give it to c2o library. Why? Because it was my college books. =P Kat, the c2o owner, said that they also need a basic social studies book. So I think my books will fit in the criteria. =)

I & Kanti, went there and forced to make a postcard. I didn't have any idea at first, but after look Kanti grab some asturo bright color origami paper, I suddenly remember about my favorite book: L.S.D.L.F. by Syahmedi Dean. L.S.D.L.F. is Lontong Sayur dalam Lembaran Fashion, the first of tetralogy Dean's novel. It is the first book which made my eyes wide opened into fashion things. It is lovely, for sure. The cover of L.S.D.L.F. dominate by black, and accentuated by green, mustard and white. That's why I made my postcard like this:
Me & My Postcard. =)
In the process of making postcard
Me & Kanti seeing the postcards
At the afternoon, there was a presentation of postcard maker. I didn't attend, because I've already had another meeting. =( But overall, the event was great. I think it's a new way to support and enhance passion in reading a book. All those beautiful photo above were taken by Erlin Goentoro. (Thank you, Erlin!)You could see another picture taken by her in her flickr account. Anyway, don't forget to visit for knowing much more about the event and everything about c2o library. Keep reading books, fellas! 

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