Extra Random Things in My Head


It was a long weekend and I love this Monday (7th March) become its perfect closing. I could make my boyfie surprised and we spent a high quality time. And as the clock ticking, my brain works randomly tonight. And I don't want to ruin my beautiful night with this scattered thoughts. So I'll tell you several, as this blog were my daily Pensieve. Hehe.

1. Me? Clairvoyant?
I always try to be different, directly or indirectly. There is no specific reason why. I think it's just my character. My both elder sister went to study in health, based on my parent wishes. And me? Being a social science freak, range from communication until economy.  I'm not really into a "la mode tendance" (the newest mode), I'm based on my mood. Don't get me wrong, I know and I'd like to know and find out what's hot in the world now but it doesn't mean it will be hot on my own list.

In this blog, you'll see 2 main colors which inspired me for a year ago. I called it as mustard yellow and turqoise. I saw this both colors had their special character. And I thought, it MUST be a hit color combination for next one or two years when people had recognized. And last week, Scott Schuman captured it perfectly in his beyond famous blog, thesartorialist.blogspot.com.

 You could see it here for a complete blog-post with the discussion attached on comment area. People start trying to call: what kind of color is it? What is the right name for this kind of blue? They called it as teal, petroleum blue, or peacock, or another name. I, personally, still using turqoise as a name to call it. Thanks God some expert finally blow these colors up! Because now, I start having another "clue" color. I'll tell ya later! =P

2. Traffic Jam is the Pain in Ass!
I have a bad experience in "traffic jam thingies" last weekend. I had to experience Surabaya to Malang as 6 hours trip! Three times longer than usual. Oh please. I believe, it isn't only about holiday, but also a combination of management mistakes. Okay, mentioned the fact there are 2 accidents, 3 broken trucks at the tracks. But how ignorant if in the traffic jam situation, suddenly police siren sounds loudly, asking people to give a way for government officials. Twice! Oh shoot!

3. Fund & Film
I was a Sinematografi UA member, when I still did my study at Universitas Airlangga. Now, I am still, but less active off course.  But this March, Production division invites every member to participate in "BBF - Bulan Bikin Film" and I decide to involve further. I choose to be a Producer/Production Manager which had a tough agenda on pre-production and production stage. In a commercial film, Producer have a responsibility for the sustainability of film production, include funding. But in independent movie, I think it becomes a vast coverage, from scheduling to funding. I work with Wisang Wijaya, a great director from our club, the winner of several movie competition including LA Light Indie Movie 2007. Both of us had a vision to make this BBF movie as a good movie: not only on the result, but also in the process. I wish the best luck on us, me and our crews. Can't wait this Thursday, my next crews meeting. =D

4. Random Photo!
Random thought was incomplete with random photo(s). Hehehehe. These are several photos from my cell-camera last 2 weeks. Enjoy!
Cergamboree promo session in 87.7 FM Colors Radio
 Joking with Surabaya legend animator: PakWaw!
Mbak Khrisna & Simon Hureau, the guess comic artist
Comic on Ceramics! #1
Comic on Ceramics! #2
Comic on Ceramics! #3
Cacak in Action.
Romusha in SuroBoyo shirt! =P
Bored in office. =P

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  1. lama tak berjumpa..

    kok jadi tentara skrg????

  2. Haha. Pake properti-nya teman-teman dari Roodebrug Soerabaia aja mas dicky.. Mantab kan ya? =P