It's my second day sales at Cergamboree 2011, Indonesia-French Comic Festival. This year was a 3rd. Yesterday I got a session to do animation screening, titled: Surabaya animNation. Our 4th AnimNation. 

What's the benefit from doing this screening, selling merchandise, little stuff which means merely nothing for some people. 

It is small. It is little thing. But time already proved, we could stand strong till now. 

My animation studio was not selling our animation. We sell our merchandise. In other word. our (film) content was download-able and absolutely FREE.

This kind business, had already usual to called as Freemium Content and/or Free Lunch Marketing. I haven't know so much about it. It looks funny or something silly when our business method (which I work it naturally, without any guidance) had already got a name/formula. =D

If you are Indonesian, you would better take a look first to Pandji Pragiwaksono's article on his blog about Free Lunch Method. He'd already compiled what's the essential thing related to Free Lunch Method. In other hand, I want you know that this method inviting a wide discussion and polarization on its pro-cons. Berin Szoka on his article for example, shows how impossible to give a premium content/products with no advertiser, or completely free. 

One thing I believed and already learned was there will be different solution(s) for different problem(s), or in my sentence: different consequence(s) in different challenge(s). It doesn't matter who the inventor, when it invented, but every formula or abbreviation could be re-arrange, re-adapt and almost re-invent. And selling things, it would never as same as 1+1= 2. 

This post is just a 'preambule' of a long thought of mine about Free Lunch Method. I want to introduce you and make you familiar about it. I, as a student and seller at the same time, stand in a both theoretical & practical frame. So I think I could describe and build some a crisp and delicious discussion between us. 
Long live the thirst learner! 

*written on February 26th, publish as date stated

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