I'm really addicted to these things lately:
1. Sedaris, Sedaris, and Sedaris. 
It's like found a treasure in corner of my room and in the local library (c2o). Oh yes, I should eat all of his 3 books soon! Munch munch munch!

2. Hello Baby - Shinee series
Yeah, I know it's been released a year ago in Korea, but I just know it from Poet and can't stop watching it everyday. Yoogeun-a... Shinee appa saranghae.... =* =*

3. Family Vintage Photos
Am trying to dig the memories in my family to participate in Scott Schuman's vintage photo project. It's quite late, but I saw no Asian vintage photo there. So I thought my young fashionisto father style or my mom's simple style will be great to be shared. Wish me luck! *crossed-finger*

4. Double B: Brown & Bieber!
Play, re-playing, re-playing this song again and again.....
...You had my child,
You make my life complete.
Just to have your eyes on little me,
That’d be mine forever...

One day when the sky is falling,
I’ll be standing right next to you,
Right next to you...

5. Still and always will be: Cheri!
Got social with his click, circle. Vice versa. It went smooth and I guess the smoothness erase my fear. Alhamdulillah yaa.. *SyahriniStyle* *wink-wink*

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