I Love Pomo!


Have you ever heard or read Pomo before? Yea, Pomo is a shorten version of Pomodoro Technique. Now, is it ring any bell? Not really? It's okay, I'm gonna tell you more about my latest favorite thing: Pomo!

Pomo or Pomodoro Technique is a technique created by Francesco Cirillo, which made a person more and more focus by prioritizing and organizing things/works. And, the pint point is, you'll helped by a kitchen timer! Yes, the one with an egg shape, or in Cirillo's development is in Pomodoro, or tomato in italian. =)

How to start it? 
Prepare: a kitchen timer (or, of course you could use your cell-phone, software timer, or another. Set on 25 minutes), a sheet of paper (write your to-do-list here), a pencil (and an eraser, if you want keep it clean & tidy). 

What should we do with this kitchen timer, Von? 
Play it on, and do your work(s). 
Pomo technique offered us to do our work with what we called as Pomo (per unit). Every Pomo is 25 minutes. Choose a work/task to do. Set it to 1 Pomo. Start doing your task. After 1 Pomo, we HAVE to take a break for 3-5 minutes. It is our free time to do anything. We should not thinking about our work in this break time. After it, play your timer again, 25 minutes, your another Pomo. After did 4 Pomos, you could have longer break time: 10-15 minutes. In every task accomplished, you strike-through it.

What could make this technique different Von? 
I just see, the timer ticking all the time, and I got my nerves on!
Easy fellas. What all of you should do is enjoy the tick-tock process. Every one will feel the same for the first time. Do your work in Pomo with a full concern. Don't start any conversation with desk-mate when your Pomo ticking. You could do that in your break time. Don't open your Twitter and staring at the timeline. Only focus to do your task. When you listened the ticking, you'll remember, it's the time of working. 

After practiced it, I amazed with my own capacity. I actually could wrote an email in English, with medium case complexity in 1 Pomo. In fact, I usually did it an hour. I even couldn't believe how I could did write a full blog-post with any style-up and several sources to find in 2 Pomos. I believe you'll experience the same thing.

The first thing that I could learn from this technique is I have a better "meaning" of time. People usually use the length of duration, to keep up with the target or the task(s), such as: I will do my letter in 1 hour. But then the most common thing people did is: start writing, in 10/15 minutes they will get boring and feeling stuck, open another thing/file to "get inspired", feeling stuck again, open Facebook or Twitter for refreshment, start chatting with another office-mate, or do another thing which made them swiftly distracted, and suddenly they look at their watch and it's only 10 minutes left

At the end, their tasks didn't completed properly. I, usually did same thing before. People had a tendency to be "Becoming". Cirillo stated Bergson and Minkowski definition of "Becoming" as 
An abstract, dimensional aspect of time, which gives rise to the habit of measuring time (seconds, minutes, hours); the idea of representing time on an axis, as we would spatial dimensions; the concept of the duration of an event (the distance between two points on the temporal axis); the idea of being late (once again the distance between two points on the temporal axis)
My own highlighted point: the idea of being late. We have it, unconsciously. What we will change is not too concern into "Becoming", but into the succession of the events: your work(s). 

Anyway, for the daily uses, I use Tomighty to help me ticking all day. For the records and daily report (and monthly graphic), I use PomoTime. Just click and you could have it freely from its source. For the game addict, people even develop Pomodoro Technique further, into a RPG-based game. You will have a character, avatar, get point and treasure in every task you've done. If you interested, click www.pomodorium.com. And of course, for the complete explanation of Pomodoro Technique, you could download it here.

I recommend all of you to give a shot into Pomo, in one till two days and you'll feel some changes. Finally, I enclose a beautiful line from Baudelaire's poem (The Clock), which Cirillo cited on his book opening: 
"Remember, Time is a greedy player who wins without cheating, every round!”

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  1. Wuaaahhh.. patut dicoba ni :D
    Thanx ya..
    The idea of being late.. -____- *tertohok*

  2. =D Ternyata banyak yang senasib ya sama saya.. Waktu baca bukun Pomodoro Technique saya tertohok berkali-kali.
    Selamat mencoba ibu Della, semoga ga labil ya mempraktekkannya. Hehe.