Deepest Condolence


How could we explained our relationship with others except using terms such: friend, boyfriend-girlfriend, blood-related (brother, sister, niece, aunt, uncle, nephew, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother)?
Isn't there any other kind(s) of relationship?
I do believe there are. 
Language, word is limited. 
Many things left undefinable.
Some of it sublimed into substance which only felt by our senses. 
This following relationship, maybe, was the example of my last sentence.

left to right: Pak Mun, Fina, Prita, Me, Pak Nur Wachid
The picture was taken at April 22nd, 2006. I was still at the high school, celebrating Kartini Day. Everyone dressed up totally. Two men stood there, our school security guard. They were wearing Maduranese. I personally closed with them. They are my savior when I (often) come late. They told me when my teacher didn't around. And I often spent times with them, because my boarding house just a block away from my school and I could hanging around with the guardians.

This morning, a friend told me that Pak Nur had already passed away. He had a critical liver disease. 

When I'm started to live independent, I learned how to be a friend of everyone. Adapting. Put myself down lower or higher as expected. Being flexible and unbreakable. And I got these lesson mostly from "ordinary" people, such as Pak Nur and Pak Mar. They taught me how to share in a very subtle way, in a humble. They taught me how to care, in this fast city, in an understandable pace. They taught me how to accept God's proviso, gracefully & not questioning. 

What kind of relationship is it? 
They are friend, uncle, family, teacher in a same time.
Whatever it called, Pak Nur, may you rest in peace.
God bless you, and I love you. 

lovely regards,
Vinka Maharani

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