Sport: Politically Entertaining, Burlesque Disappointing


I'm totally incompetent of commenting in sport thingies. Who am I? A common girl in a common glasses. What I'm capable of sport just ping-pong, 3rd winner in my region, elementary school level. =D
Mmm, wait, add karate on my list, and wall-climbing. Yeah, that's all. Nothing more. But I think, I don't have to be an expert to watch a mistake in our country's conduct in sport. Our football federation, now, as a hot-list in media and daily conversation for their far-flung mistaken. It is simply sadden me to watch our national football team managed by a wrong govern. Now, groups of football club supporter starting a move to revolt. I hope there will be a change. 
Without chaos, please. 
I'm fed up with news in media which showing trifles of blood, violence, and negative things in media. I'm in a point of ignorance, quite dangerous. I'm quoting Diana Rikasari for describing the feeling:

Yg bikin gw bangga sama Indonesia cuma industri kreatif & kekayaan alamnya. Sigh.

The one who keep my chin up was my boyfie. He wrote in national newspaper about the explanation of this football phenomena: "Monarki Sepak Bola". I learn from him that we should look further, think more in handling a thing. I'm trying to, and will always try to. I believe, if everyone start doing it, our country will be a smarty one, not left behind.

Anyway, for fertilizing our optimism into Indonesian sports, yesterday, me and my boyfie went to Djarum Super Liga Badminton. It's held in our town, Surabaya! =D I focused on SGS PLN Bandung club, which defended by Taufik Hidayat, Lee Chong Wei, Tomi Sugiarto, Flandy Limpele, etc. I'm very happy to watch it, and I'm considering for watching the quarter final or semi final. I believed it will be great! 

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