A Happy Ending Weekend.


February 13th till 15th , I called it as a long weekend. I still worked at 14th actually, but because things went smoothly, I rather counted it into a holiday too. =)

Started in Saturday, I went to Sekolah Alam Insan Mulia (SAIM) for being a moderator of "Creative Movie Workshop with Mathias Muchus". It was a very long time not conducting as a moderator of discussion or workshop. Pfiuh. Thanks God, Om Muchus helped me a lot and we made a good show.

A sight from the front of stage
Who could make everyone do this than Om Muchus?

It is truly "sekolah alam". Caterpillar on my table! =D
Starstrukk! =P
Me and Om Muchus. =)
After did the duty at SAIM, I directly went to c2o for had a "KopDar" a.k.a Offline Meeting of Goodreads Indonesia region Surabaya. It was great. I met several new friends with a same bold hobby: Reading books. It's interesting, knowing people had more crazier passion in books. Rhea, for example: the moderator, had already read 449 books. Roos, the ex-moderator of Goodreads Indonesia, had already read 758 books. Shoo! What was that?? Haha. I know I wasn't diligent enough to keep my "already-read" books into a record before. That's why I love to join Goodreads. You could see at the right column of this blog, the widget of my Goodreads account. Don't bother to click and join, fellas. We could discuss books much much and much further there. =)
*another complete story of KopDar written by Rhea, click here*

left to right: Rhea, Azza, Hilman, Novri
1st row, left to right: Novri, Azza, Rhea, Yossi. 2nd row: Hilman, Agung, Ari, Tinta, me, Heni.
 Sunday morning, my boyfriend accompanied me to find a breakfast and we found a delicious food called Nasi Bakar. It's located across of Giant Hypermarket in following street Kombespol M Duryat. There are 2 choices: chicken or tuna. At first glance, I thought it will be only steamed rice and chicken/tuna inside, but surprisingly it's completed with spiced papaya leaves, chopped Peda (salted fish) and green chilli sauce. Yummo yummo!

At the day, me and cak Ikin went to re-supplied our merchandise product and attended Cergamboree meeting. The weather uprising suddenly. I got sunburn and fever in the afternoon. I didn't strong enough to attend my friends album launching: Bestfriend Project. Sad. ='(
And because of my fever too, my boy need to pick me to my office on Monday. Sorry to bother you Cheri. Alhamdulillah, it was going better and better which I could had meeting in Monday night with PakLemon & cak Ikin and talked about my newest project. I really can't wait to tell you all, but I had to keep my mouth shut until February 25th. Wish us luck, please? ;)

February 14th, where people celebrated Valentine days, I still doing work and work. Pathetic? No. Even you could think worse when I told you that those day were my a-month-anniversary too with my boy. Hehe. We've already made a promise to celebrate it on February 15th, and we did it! Yeay! He successfully surprised me with a bunch of gifts, packed in a cute box too. I feel so guilty because I just give him a piece of batik tie. =(
I give u only the sneak peek. =P
 But the thing which made my tears fell down at a time was his letter. The letter which made me want to promise, to struggle in a future with him. I'd like to quote last 2 paragraphs of his letter:
Aku cuma ingin menyebut kata "cinta",
yang lacur & terkadang memuakkan,
tapi cuma itu yang dapat merangkum semua himpunan pikiran & perasaanku tentangmu.

Itu sebabnya,
Tiga puluh hari menjadi bukan lagi soal lama & sebentar,
melainkan menjadi perkara pembuktian atas suatu yang lacur tadi.
Atas Cinta.
Aku Cinta.
Dan aku tahu jika engkau tahu tentang Cinta.

Cheri, thank you for made my happy ending weekend.
And I believe, you are the one which made my life had its happy ending.
mille bisous,
Ta Cherie.

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